Touched A Dead Bird With My Hand And Brought It Close To My Face, Will I Be Ok ?

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LostSoulx | 08:11 Sat 18th Jul 2015 | Health & Fitness
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I had put an injured bird (could not fly or walk very well) in a open box overnight and was going to call the RSPCA this morning to get it some help.

The bird died unfortunately and I am going to bury it, I read that lemon juice keeps cats etc away from the bird once buried. I smeared some on the pigeon with a glove, but my glasses went to fall off my face, so I instinctively went to put them back on, only to realize what I had just done.

I did not touch my face or my glasses, but I bring the glove close to my face, I am worried about catching something through breathing it in.

I guess I just need some reassurance that I will be fine,thanks for your answers in advance.


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You'll be fine.
yes you will be OK
about 90% of rescue birds do this apparently ( die)

I found a bird - silvia atricapilla - and couldnt put it on the internet to find out what it was, before the poor little thing died. You will be OK
Theoretically youncoild gets disease for my dead bird..........theoretically, but practically it would be very uncommon and you would indeed be very unfortunate to " catch" a disease.

My advice......forget it and DON't GOOGLE.
no worrries !
Oh no ! You now have the dreaded lurgie !
Theory about the typos........having my breakfast.
Sorry about typos........LOL
I agree with the others...and for future reference don't bother with the RSPCA, they wouldn't have helped with a pigeon.
o come on sqad ! I eat dead bird every day and I am still alive ! ( just! )
LOL ^^^^ I hope you cook it first.
In future, best way to keep a cat of a buried anything is to put a brick or stone on top.
or just put the dead bird in the dustbin

You could Tweet later and let us know how you are!
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Hello all, well its been a good while since I touched the bird and I seem ok. I ended up burying the bird out of respect.

Thank you all for the great answers you provided.
Update appreciated.
You can get a sexually transmitted disease from dead birds....Chirpeeze:-)
You should have taken precautions Melv, ask here ' The health topic'next time.

Should have used a Marigold melv!
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Touched A Dead Bird With My Hand And Brought It Close To My Face, Will I Be Ok ?

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