Retinal Migraines/transition Lenses

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Eve | 17:28 Tue 14th Jul 2015 | Health & Fitness
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I was at the eye hospital earlier who diagnosed retinal migraines and suggested referral to a specialist migraine clinic.

Just wondered if anyone has had any experience of them before and anything that helped.

Had put the increased vision issues down to dryness from Sjogrens/Sicca Syndrome so was a bit non-plussed. They are really dry and aggravated he thinks by allergies, so on steroid drops and upping my usual eyedrops and usual eye lubricant.

I've been having problems with indoor lighting (wear a hat outdoors and keep curtains closed at home) but has anyone got any suggestions for other lights? He suggested dark glasses (assume he meant transition lenses) but when I asked about them a while back at the opticians I was told they don't work indoors and didn't recommend them, especially with the increased cost.

Would normal Migraine medication help? I find Migraleve good for normal migraines if I take it in time but would it work for eye ones?

Thanks for any suggestions.


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Ordinary attacks of migraine are not uncommonly associated with visual defects, eg. central or peripheral field defects and also flashing lights, but it now seems that they have a specific name..."Retinal Migraine." The causes is the same, spasm of blood vessels and in answer to your question, yes, they would respond to routine anti-migraine treatment.
These visual symptoms may be present without the headache.
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Thanks Sqad. I was getting a bit confused online as some sites seem to link it in with normal migraine, some say it's a separate "condition".

He did say that it can occur without a headache. I'd assumed a lot of the blurry vision and issues with flashing and bright lights and tracking and such were the dryness.

Am liking the steroid drops though! Apart from a yucky taste at the back of my throat, my eyes feel a bit more comfortable already :)
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Just an update, was called in to see GP as they have to try to help fix it themselves before referral to a specialist clinic, fair enough and all for that.

GP I saw said she had never heard of them, googled them and has referred me to neuro optics or something like that??? Sounds like it could be a long wait so will just have to wait and see. So ended up referred anyway to someone different (unless they are the specialist migraine people?).

Might have to go get myself some dark glasses!!! :)
I'm glad that i didn't get you as my long case in my final qualifying exam ;-)

Thanks for the feedback.
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Ha, yeah I wouldn't inflict myself on a poor student!

I know I had Menieres and asthma, hayfever etc... before but since the RA came on it just seems like bloody dominos. I try to take it in my stride and be positive and be informed and keep working but feel like I'm trying to juggle too many balls and then new stuff comes up to deal with. I'm just tired and want some more quality of life back and to be able to concentrate on trying to fix one thing without having to balance everything else.

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Retinal Migraines/transition Lenses

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