Intense Lumbar Pain

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WELSHYORKIE | 08:13 Mon 03rd Mar 2014 | Health & Fitness
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Really suffering with intense lumbar pain this morning - have taken painkillers 30/500 co-codamol but they aren't having much effect. Can I top up with some ibuprofen (or sqads as they are known in our house)?


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GO HOME !! Lie flat water bottle ....wait for sqad to tell you about drugs !
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Boss won't be in for another 40 minutes - hoping Sqad will open his surgery before then....
just bumping it back into latest posts.
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I'm bumping it up too
Yes........Ibuprofen 600mgms as and when necessary up to 4 hourly.
It should settle.
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Cheers Sqad - you're a star!!
Yes.......I know.......;-)

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Intense Lumbar Pain

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