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Out of date medication!

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flicrat | 20:35 Fri 06th Jul 2012 | Health & Fitness
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Dear Tigwig,I didn't want to hi-jack your thread, on which my own (non medical) opinion is that you will be all right this time, but I would throw it away now. However, I thought this would amuse you and demonstrate how easy it is to do. I am allergic to wasp stings - diagnosed over 20 years ago and have never had an epi pen.I was told to spray Waspeze and take an anti histamine tablet immediately. I can tell when the Waspeze runs out as it goes lighter and I then check the date on it. A month ago i was stung by a wasp when gardening. Panic. Rushed upstairs to my 2nd floor flat ,ran arm under coldtap, sprayed with Waspeze and took a tablet. Thought - years since I was stung, looked - 4 years out of date tablets. Ah! Looked at leaflet - not for over 65s! Another 10 years out of date then!! Not to be taken with grapefruit. Just had half for breakfst. Arrrrgh. I'm a goner. So went back and finished weeding. Moral. KEEP CHECKING MEDICINE DATES!


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When we were staying with my parents some years ago, my OH had a very bad toothache. My father produced some painkillers, my OH being desparate took them, What we didn't know was my father had had them for a broken shoulder, at least over thirty years previously. My OH went to bed and slept for a very long time. We thought he was a goner, thsank goodness all was well.
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I guess most of us have blundered in this way at some time or another. I am pretty good at checking fridges and food cupboards. Must get up to speed on the medicine cabinet!
Yes, I must check mine too.
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I'm allergic to bees. I don't know what instructions I have to follow. I haven't been stung since I was little.
Some of my tablets seem to have been brought down by Moses ...
souns like a Sqad prescription, sunny-dave, take two tablets, go out into the desert and monitor the situation.
"The good news is we've got Him down to 10"

"The bad news ... adultery is still in"

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Out of date medication!

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