Bleaching/Dyeing Hair (Keeping hair healthy!)

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_sophie_ | 18:24 Fri 19th Nov 2010 | Beauty
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I am a natural blonde, my colour faded to a light brown and I have been dyeing it blonde ever since (about 4 times now). I have noticed that my hair falls out in clumps now when I comb it after a shower and went to the hairdresser about it. She said because I have been dyeing my hair full head the ends have become brittle and I made an appointment to get it done professionaly. She told me she would have to bleach it first to get the yellowness out and then put a tone over it but warned me that my hair would get dry because of the bleach. I'm a bit worried about bleaching it - I don't want white hair! And also I'm worried about the damage. Just how bad is it for your hair? How can I keep my hair as healthy as possible after? What shampoo/conditioners should I use? Are hair masks any good? Thanks.


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I was a bottle blonde for about 15 years but had it done every 5 weeks at the hairdressers. My hair was in lovely condition, so as long as you look after it and don't use heated rollers or straighteners it should be okay.
Absolutely NOT - dont use that hairdresser! Firstly, your hair is breaking off as its dry & brittle and is snapping. You MUST apply conditioner to feed the keratin. Give your hair a deep conditoner once a month by sleeping with conditioner in your hair (wrapped in shower cap) & rinse off in the morning. Use the thickest, creamiest conditioner available.

As for tinting, just apply the color of choice & process as usual. NO need for bleaching.
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Bleaching/Dyeing Hair (Keeping hair healthy!)

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