Radio wave hair removal

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CiderMonkey | 14:02 Wed 17th Nov 2010 | Beauty
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I have seen advertised a little gadget that says it removes hair by using radio waves that kill the hair root. It doesn't say if this is totally permanent. Has anyone used one and do they work?


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Another scam or a new revolutionary product? Do you have a link to the article in question cidermonkey?
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Cidermonkey check this out as It's similar I think

"Patented low frequency radio waves? Are they even patentable? Sounds suspicious to me and I've never heard of this and the one in your link is very cheap £20, compare this to expensive laser and electrolysis treatments that don't even have a 100% success rate and it sounds even more of a scam. Maybe constructing a question regarding "low frequency radiowaves and hair removal" in this science section and see what the boffins have to say about this.
Sorry £9.99! Cidermonkey if you're going to wonder nonstop that maybe it may work on you which still is a vague possibility then get it as it's cheap otherwise it may give you sleepless nights!
Good luck and please leave some feedback if you decide to get it so other users here can benefit from your experience.

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Radio wave hair removal

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