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Do You Have A Book In You?

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AB Editor | 13:51 Fri 09th Jul 2010 | Arts & Literature
23 Answers

The saying goes: "Everyone has at least one book in them" - do you believe you have a book in you?

Can we all be writers? If you do think you have book in  you, what kind of book is it? Autobiography, fiction, non-fiction?


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do you believe you have a book in you?

  • I certainly do, a great work of fiction nonetheless! - 8 votes
  • 35%
  • I believe so, but as a non-fiction work. - 6 votes
  • 26%
  • Yes, an Autobiography or Family-History - 5 votes
  • 22%
  • Nope, no book in me! - 4 votes
  • 17%

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I've written a teen novel that will probably never be published unless I do it myself, which is a distinct possibility. There's another one still at the planning stage that I have a little more hope for.

However, I'm also looking to put together an autobiography, not because I've led a brilliantly interesting life, but because of the complete opposite. I'm intending it to be a story of my relationship with my mother, which is interesting to say the least.
I've written a book - hardly War & Peace - more Bridget Jones with Attitude. Haven't sent it to a publisher though as I couldn't stand the rejection if I got their no thank you slip.
Message for saxy_jag, lardhelmet and anyone else who's written a novel from Mr. N. I've got a file full of rejection slips, some of which you can tell only read my covering letter and didn't even bother with the first three chapters, or whatever their submission criteria was. My advice to you is not to get too disheartened by them. Never, ever give up.

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Do You Have A Book In You?

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