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Dali print meaning

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wheaten | 03:10 Thu 08th Jul 2010 | Arts & Literature
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I have just treated myself to a framed print of Dali's 'Idylle atomique et uranique melanconique' aka 'Melancholy'. Does anyone know what it's meant to be about? Something about war I think.
ps would recommend if anyone in UK wants prints!


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Interperetation of art is fiendishly difficult, and in Dal's case, even more so because a lot of his art was a reflection of his own highly individual approach to the world, encompassing his own unique approaches to death, sex, dreasm, bodily functions, and so on.

Fortunately, there is a wealth of scholarly art types who write at length about the meanings in Dali's work - although the only man who could really tell you what they mean is the man himself, and he is dead, but even when alive, he delighted in winding up fellow artists and analystts with his impsih humour, often missed by those who took his every utterence as serious fact.

The best thing to do with Dali's art is as with any other art - look at it, marvel at the breadth of imagination and technical skill taken to create it, and take from it what you want. That is what I think Dali would want you to do - apart from giving him lots of your money that is!
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thank you. thought it was wwii but wasn't sure about the baseball players! even hubby likes it, which was a surprise, and put it up in the living room! i always see things in dali paintings that i hadn't noticed before.

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Dali print meaning

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