sad dog story

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maxximus | 03:57 Tue 06th Jun 2006 | Arts & Literature
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there was a post quite recently about a duke of sorts who killed his trusty dog thinking it had harmed his child in reality it had saved the child from another animal. for the life of me i cannot find it on here anywhere , but this is were i read it. could anyone point me in the right direction? thanx.


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Try looking on websites about 'Beddgelert' for the story of Prince LLewellyn who killed Gelert his faithful hound who had just saved his child from a wolf. Always makes me cry!
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yes that's the one, not a duke, a prince. with the two l's i would guess a welsh prince. somebody posted the story on here but i can't find so thanks a bunch for the web site. i would like to e-mail it to my daughter. i thought it was a great story, very sad but great all the same. thanx again!!
hi maxximus, if you type beddgelert into the search engine on this site you will find the previous post. I've been to the place (Bala) in north Wales where this story originated from, and there is a grave there dedicated to Gelert (bedd gelert literally means Gelert's grave). Ver moving!
Sorry to say maxximus,the story is a complete myth,made up to attract tourists!!!

As you might expect, raysparx, it was the local innkeeper who did the deed. He didn't make a bad job of it though!

Hi Grunty, he was very clever,it looks so covincing,even having the grave, could do with people like that in the tourist board now!!!

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sad dog story

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