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Need A Latin Translation For A Title

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jourdain2 | 20:35 Sun 16th Jun 2024 | Arts & Literature
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Right, my Writing Group have set a challenging task for a short story this week - the Norton-Disney Do-decahedron, specifically re. who made it, who used it and how? Short, fiction story required by Friday!

I've done a lot of research for background and I've dreamed up a story (taken me 2 days and much wandering).

I would like my title to be a Latin version of:-

The Truthful Sybil.

A swiftish response from out Latin scholars would be appreciated - my Latin isn't up to it.

Thanks all.




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I think this one is for Peter Pedant.

Question Author

Me too, The Winner, thanks for keeping it appearing.  It could be Sybillus in veritae or something like that - but I learned my snippets of Latin from bits of English and 2 weeks of Latin before all was re-jugged and I ended up learning German (to be fair, I had ticked 'German'). 'Puella pupam amat' was about as far as I got and I've probably misremembered that. :(

If it helps you/Peter Pendant, Google says:

Sibylla Verax

Question Author

It'll certainly help, Ellipsis.  Thank you. Why didn't I think of Google?!

I shan't start writing it until tomorrow, so time yet for others.

It's a stinker of a subject, isn't it - but I've learned a lot. :)

My daughter thinks it might be Sibylla Veridica. Not 100%, but she's quite confident.

Question Author

Oh I like that one, rocky! Rolls nicely off the tongue. Please thank your daughter from me. :)

I'll let her know. At least the past years crash course in Latin has served a purpose 😂

which reminds me - my daughter in yr 7 has been offered a place on a latin course from year 8.

I struggle to see the benefit - can anyone convince me?

My daughter did that when she was that age. She really enjoyed it but remembered none of it for when she started her Masters in Medieval History. 

Sibylla Verax.

Bednobs she would be better off learning mandarin or Japanese. I did latin for two years as we had to at my school and it was a total waste of time.

I find latin very useful, it helps to understand the many languages that evolved from it.

I find google translate very useful 😂😂😂

...and you need no maths because you have a calculator, right oh!

....and for a time, some golf balls had dodecahedron shaped dimples, as opposed to round ones. Manufactured by DDH, I believe. Just sayin'!  

she really likes german (which she is learning ATM) i'm presuming latin wont help her with that tho

Latin is the universal language of horticulture.

varax sybil

I think it gave my daughter a love of languages as she did Spanish to degree level and wants to teach herself French and Italian.

my daughter struggles a bit with learning.  If they did streaming like they did in my school days, she'd deffo be "B" band.  However, for german she is in the top set, and seems to like learning it

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