What Is The Most 'Whistles & Bells' Document Writing Software?

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joko | 15:52 Tue 27th Oct 2020 | Arts & Literature
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I know most people think of MS Word, but i know there are loads of others with more functionality.

I'm looking for one that does more than basic spell checks, full grammar, readability,

NOT something that is a monthly subscription for though, something to install in a one off.

im using Libre at the moment & fairly happy with it, but it doesnt have enough 'extras' - and i have to move the text around into other things & programs to check it in other ways.

i want something to flag up EVERY possible thing it can as a potential issue for me to deal with.

i have grammarly & various other browser add ons too - all great but all seem to have different things to offer.

There must be something that is better or the best?

Scrivener is great for organisation, but its basic in editing terms

any suggestions?

(this is for fiction and script writing btw)

Thanks for any advice :)


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From your question, I would say you need none of those.

Your writing is lucid and clear, apart from a couple of missed capitals!

Why do you think you need computerised help?
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Thanks Allen - i tend not to bother with capitals and certain punctuation when writing in forums, as its informal and doesnt really matter in terms of understanding me
I actually did a proofreading course, many moons ago.

but i'm writing scripts & stories etc., and i want to check through thoroughly - the two docs im working on at the moment are around 140,000 words so i want to keep on top of minor things - like capitals, punctuation, extra spaces, etc.

ive just found that whatever i use, they miss things - not many but i dont want to miss any at all.
i want something that can do it all.

As you say, im fairly adept so there aren't many mistakes, i do know myself what 'should' be there, but i tend to write 'freeform' - let it flow out, then edit it afterwards - and it takes too long to check by eye.

I fear you’ve answered your question.

A subeditor.

We used to be ten-a-penny, now getting scarce.

But there’s nothing like a skilled eye (but maybe I’m biased).
Personally I’d hate to have all that gadgetry. Surely it would drive you dotty after a while.
Paper, pencil and the mental space to think :-)
Microsoft Word suffices for me and my writing....what else do you want, scope-wise, in editing?
I also perform a first proof after each day's writing is over - this helps keep things consistent on the grammar front.

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What Is The Most 'Whistles & Bells' Document Writing Software?

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