Has anybody seen The Lion King at the theatre?

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chaptazbru | 14:58 Thu 15th Mar 2012 | Arts & Literature
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What did you think ?


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Yeah, I took my then bf for his (25th) birthday a couple of years ago and we both thought it was amazing! Don't have a bad thing to say, it was just fantastic. GO!!!
heard it was brilliant,thats one of the things i want to see before i die,pity its so far away for me
yes, and thoroughly recommend it - get tickets in the stalls if you can for a better experience
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I am going to see it guys, but not till December!! This is its first time up north and we've been lucky enough to get stall seats (row M). I really can't wait. I've seen excerpts of it on TV and I expect to cry - will I ????
Yeah, think I had a little tear. December is a long time to wait but it's worth it. I want to go again.
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It's in my area from December to March, so we got tickets for as early as we could. I'll take plenty of tissues Evian.
I still haven't seen the film, let alone the theatre production...
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slinky.kate - Its on tour from August, check it out on Google, as it may be coming to your area.
Yes fantastic and the first scene is amazing
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Lie-in King - you should definitely see it with your name !!
Was interested until my MIL told me tickets are £82 each!

Is it worth it?
Can't remember how much I paid for the tickets but yes, it's worth it.

If you look on you can often get deals for theatre/meal/hotel, it might be worth having a look at those prices.
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chelle - our tickets were £55 each and as I've already said we're in row M in the stalls, the dearest tickets were £75 at the front of the stalls - wonder why the prices vary so much ...
To be honest, I think it's worth it, but then I love the theatre!
It really does depend on your personal taste. You might love it or hate it. I went to see the stage version because some friends of mine wanted to go, and I fell asleep within the first five minutes. Hated it! But that doesn't mean you will.
Saw the theatre version in London some years ago, absolutely brilliant & yes you will shed a little tear.

W Ron.
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Thanks W Ron, I'm REALLY looking forward to it ....
Best value for money is Lie-in-King here in Person every Sunday to answer all your Crossword queries.....Free of Charge !! :-)) lol lol
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Ah but I never have any crossword queries !

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Has anybody seen The Lion King at the theatre?

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