Linwood Barclay - The Accident

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BlueScorpion | 15:09 Thu 15th Mar 2012 | Arts & Literature
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Having been off work sick today I've just finished reading this. It is such a good story, every time I thought I'd got it all worked out something else happened to prove me wrong, and I never saw the final twist coming!!

Has anyone else read it?


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Not read Linwood Barclay but my friend keeps recommending him. Are they a series with the same central character?
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No he write thrillers but each one is a story on it's own. If you like suspense books I would recommend trying him, I have enjoyed all the ones I've read. No Time For Goodbye is another good one to start with
the name rings a bell
i've read no time for goodbye!
I have read his books, he's great. Can't put them down. Is this his latest as I haven't heard of it?
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Yes it came out last November I think.
My daughter bought for me & I've just read it in 2 sittings.
Hardback or paperback Blue ?
I think I read No Time For Goodbye, was very good.
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It's in hardback at the moment Chaptazbru not sure when it'll be out in paperback.
I'll keep my eyes open for it in paperback, probably a couple of months yet. Something to look forward to !
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I definately recommend it.
Blue if you like him, you'll also like Harlan Coben and Gregg Hurwitz - similar writers, all with good twists.
I read No Time For Goodbye and it was very good.

He's a better author than Harlan Coben.
I think they're both good in their own ways.
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Chaptazbru I've not come across either of those, I'll have to look out for them. Any titles you'd particularly recommend?
Blue - my favourite Harlan Coben is 'The Woods' and 'Or She Dies' by Gregg Hurwitz. Waterstones should stock them.
I have just read my first Linwood Barclay "Far From True" was really enjoying it and thought I still had at least a couple of chapters to go as there were still 25 pages left then I realised that they were the first 25 pages of another of his books. very puzzled at the ending, anyone else feel the same or do all his books end like this

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