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ClareA | 21:30 Thu 27th Oct 2011 | Arts & Literature
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From Radio Times listing for Thur 27th Oct, 9pm, ITV2 'Benidorm':

'Having had her wedding ruined by the accident, Madge, along with Janice, find themselves taken captive'.

Highest count of grammatical/syntactical/punctuation or any other errors wins a virtual pint!


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seems fine to me!
It's not wot i would ave rit!
Does it really matter.
Do I get a virtual pint?
That is shocking. "Finds themselves" should be "finds herself" of course, which is the only - rather atrocious - error.
Do people ever read what they write? I am always wondering that ...
who are these thought posters, and why would they enjoy this ?
Having had? ;madge, ? their civil partnership not wedding? they wouldn't find themselves taken captive... unless they'd lost themselves first...
And the idea of anyone called Madge finding any one to marry them is quite preposterous....

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Thought posters might enjoy this

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