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Ric.ror | 13:39 Fri 22nd Aug 2014 | Books & Authors
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I quite like reading diaries (like twitter and poetry you can nip in and out)
Can anyone suggest any for me?
I've just finished Kenneth Williams and (before that) Alan Bennett


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Michael Palin always provides a good read.
Yes Jenny, that's a good idea. I've got all MP's books and his diaries. VERY good, very well written, very interesting. I don't usually like "diaries" but his are written in a very enlightening way. I recommend Ric xx
Diary of a Nobody, by George and Weedon Grossmith.

Fictional but funny.
Noël Coward's are very good
If you want something a bit (lot!) heavier, The Klemperer Diaries are an interesting read (covers living as a Jew in Nazi Germany, and casts a different light on ordinary German folk).
I can thoroughly recommend Joe Orton and its interesting to have Kenny Williams's diaries alongside as you read it, to see how two different people describe the same day and same incidents. But I wouldn't leave it around if you kids in the house....Orton writes extremely vividly about his sex life, with copious detail.

In one bit, he meets Kenny in a park somewhere and he tells him to "have fun with his genitals now, otherwise he would regret it when he is older " !
Try Tony Benn and Alan .... d*** second name has gone! Will remember and repost.

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