Children's book series from the 80s

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Nevegg | 03:42 Thu 22nd Dec 2011 | Books & Authors
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You could save my life!

I'm trying to find a series of books I read at school in the 80s. I was in junior school.

They were your typical "secret garden" esque set up. Where a kid or a few kids went out at night to a lot of mysteries and spookiness. I'm sure there were witches and cats and a lot of climbing on roofs involved.

The books were quite thin had at least one large illustration per page, and I could swear the series logo was like purple and white in the top corner on the front.

They were set in the uk and quite dark in their feel for the age range aided by the illustrations.

I need to go back to that world. I would elevate anyone who can help to hero status in my mind.

Thanks for trying



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You may have already thought of this but it occured to me you might start by image googling for the logo, and if you find it, take it from there. Here's one:

Oh, you're saying the SERIES had a logo of it own? Not just the publishing house. Hm. Oh well - might still work! :)
sounds a bit like Spookesville series by Richard Sykes?
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No it was this!!! Tim and the Hidden People. Thanks so much for your help....I took you combined advice and aimed for the spooky witch element, and also focused on google images because I knew that would spark more memories than description alone...

My only problem now is the cost.....they seem to be in demand and are going for £20-40 per book!! They are only 18 pages long! Amazing books though...can't recommend them highly enough....plenty of forums and fan pages if youd like to find out more, thanks again

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Children's book series from the 80s

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