Reference book of synonyms/descriptive words for kids

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LissyLaw | 17:36 Sat 31st Dec 2011 | Books & Authors
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I observed teaching in a school recently and the teacher had a fantastic book that she used to select several words a week to help develop the children's vocabulary.
It was an A4 sized (roughly) hardback book with a white colour, I think. It was full of synonyms and adjectives but don't know if either of them appeared in the title.
I've written to the teacher to ask but had no reply.

I know it's a long shot but does anyone have an ideas what this book may be?

Thank you!


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Well it's not white but it's in thousands of classrooms across the country:

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No, it's not that one but thanks anyway! It was one used by the teacher and not the kids.
Will have a look about on the website you directed me to though. It's bound to be there somewhere!
Thanks again. Happy new year! X
I still think that she might have been using an older edition of the Oxford Junior Thesaurus. It used to have a white cover:
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No, I remember the title as being quite unusual - 'The book of something, something and something'. It definitely wasn't just a junior thesaurus.
Thanks anyway though.
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Aw, thanks but don't go to too much trouble! I'll scan the shelves of the library next week. I've spent literally hours searching on Amazon!

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Reference book of synonyms/descriptive words for kids

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