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NILYA | 16:48 Thu 30th Oct 2008 | Site Suggestions
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I may be wrong, but it would seem to me, that the 'newbies/greenies' (and others not so green) to AB are taking the notice at the head of Q&P, literally, and posting each question seperately. This results in an excessive number of questions on one page, causing seasoned Abers to comment, and suggest that the questioner uses one post only.
Is it possible that this notice could be re-worded? Even an amendment of 'clue' to 'clue(s)' might help!
There is also much duplication of questions, in the 'Question title' and 'What is your question' boxes, rather than giving details of the crossword in the former and the clue(s) in the latter.


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You may be right ..... but, isn't it a sign of the times?

Who looks at Rules these days / how many are bothered to follow instructions?

I have also discerned among greenies, less inclination to 'thank' even those giving multi-answers to their multi- questions.

On some recent threads (in particular some from greenies), there has been a fair amount of comment about the above repetitive single questions and lack of courtesy that proliferates - I have not noticed many responses!
I noticed that this has happened in the music section this morning.
I've noticed many requests to this Aber - kp36b asks many questions from the same puzzle - single threads sometime 5 or 6 taking up the front page - but never thanks anyone for the many answers given; and totally ignores requests to combine questions into fewer threads !!

Such a pity .....
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Thank you for your comments

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