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I see no math section

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Conk | 04:28 Fri 22nd Feb 2008 | Site Suggestions
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I know math is more or less a science, but it's esoteric and crazy subtleties would easily merit it's own category, why is math so shunned? or is there some reason due to constant homework help problems?


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There's a Jobs & Education forum. The Education section might be appropriate for your maths questions.
Cause we are all to thick on here.
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Oh dear!! I have no wish to know the area of a given isosceles triangle. The knowledge wouldn't benefit me at all!!!!
half base times perpedicular height - there you've learnt something! (and not just an isosceles triangle), and btw congrats on spelling it correctly.
To be honest, Conk, there are too few maths questions posted on this site for it to have its own category. Education or Science are the logical places for maths questions.

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I see no math section

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