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THECORBYLOON | 01:05 Sat 23rd Feb 2008 | Site Suggestions
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Why is there a Topic called "AB Editor's Blog" still?
Is there any chance that whoever is managing this site can post something to let us know what the hell is going on?


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Don't hold your breath. lol
The lights are on but no ones home!
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They all jumped ship weeks ago.
Hi THECORBYLOON, i received an E.mail from the Editor last week, the A.Bank team are very busy rewriting the A.Bank and they don't have much time at present to get on with things they would normally be doing, she was very nice, love and hugs, megan. xxxx
Question Author
Thanks for that megan, I'd have thought it would take the AB Editor as much time to write a reply to you as it would to post something on here but what do I know?

I find it hard to believe that since December 11th, the AB Editor has had no time whatsoever to tell us what is going on. If it weren't for us, there would be no reason for AB to exist.

They find plenty time to post their "AB Asks" questions so how about a few "AB tells you what is going on rather than keep you guesing and giving the impression we care not a jot?"
Question Author
Guessing even.......

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