How long in the Dungeon?

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$~Jeep~$ | 20:12 Sat 15th Jul 2006 | Site Suggestions
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First and foremost this is an alias I am using.

Having been very naughty, I have been suspended, I think.

How long are you put in the dungeon for? If it turns out to be longer (than the time you say) that I have been unable to post etc. does it mean that I have in fact been sent to the gallows, and I am no more?

I don't wish to say anymore at the moment, please advise so I know whether I should just fade away.
I am extremely embarrassed about all of this, and have registered under a different email address to further hide my identity.

Please advise.


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well as an AB user who is regularly consigned to the dungeons for no apparent reason, i would say that when the ed returns from her slow boat to China, you will be uncovered and released with a strict warning not to be so reckless as to actually enjoy posting on the site so much that you are banned by the jealous, simple minded harpy brigade,

Yippeee, scrap the above It's back working foe me!!!!!!! been two whole weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Question Author
So, how long in the dungeon please?
well mine was 2 weeks but the ed was on hols, so if she worked today, then maybe she is working tomorrow!!!! if not, probably Monday, have fun being jeep for a wee while lol
I don't wish to alarm you Jeep but by the time Vinny was released he looked like


Question Author
Very encouraging Robinia, I think not! lol :o)

The colour grey is the same, but my mane is very short at the moment!

I definately think I've been sent to the gallows though.

"It is a far far better thing I do......................."
eh i saw that jno!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Question Author
And that was on a good day eh dot? lol :o)

Thanks all for your replies.xXx
hey jeep, jno has room to talk, this was the pic they were bandying about on a dating site last week:

tempting stuff eh?

lmao jno is that you? bloody hell :) sorry
why have you put a pic of billy curtis up as dot? great actor now no longer with us :(
I was wondering that too Bob, very strange.
Question Author
lmao at that piccy of jno, dot.

jno, you'd better keep a low profile, SR is a free woman/man again !!
the moustache is going since I started back on the hormones cheeky monkey...!!The good news is,Ive had a Haircut....The bad news is,Im hooked on Buckfast...and them bloody chants wont go away...dont worry jeep,at least the EDS back from her holidays..(:-)
when you get out of the naughty corner will you reveal yourself? Cyberwise I mean lol

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How long in the Dungeon?

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