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123345 | 21:30 Sat 29th Apr 2006 | Site Suggestions
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How does the AB editor live?Does she just sit at the computer all day checking and banning questions.Surely that is no life and she cannot take a break cos then the bad posts would stay on the website.And how does she make her money?O.K that is alot of questions



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she works for Crystal Guides, which owns AB and other sites. They pay her a lowly sum but she gets free board in the monastery that is AB's headquarters, and the monks make her tea with yak's milk and toast. Monitoring posts is a job like any other, but she gets December 25 off (at least in the morning).

All of ABE's clothes are made fae yaks' wool which is impervious to wine. It's handy, since the stress of running this site means she's developed the shakes and drinking two bottles before breakfast is not easy y'know!

She wrings out her clothes at the end of the day and what comes out is bottled as Eau de Riteur �The perfume chosen by 8 out of 10 sewage workers!� and flogged to the local pound shop.....

how much is it then Corbyloon?
Glad you asked, as it's on special offer, half price with any two purchases fae the "Ferret Farmers" range of air fresheners. A bargain, I'll think you'll agree!
mm, you sure can sniff out a deal corbyloon

If you had to keep Brenda The Elephant stocked wi 5 cwt of sticky doughrings every day YOU'D be looking out for bargains too. ABE's perfume also unblocks drains so it's a godsend.....

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AB editor

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