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Canary42 | 14:46 Mon 06th Feb 2017 | Site Suggestions
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Under the (good) old system, I could click on the header to the categories list and get ALL sub-categories exposed - this was quite useful when unsure of where to post. (It also gave a very fast response, faster than clicking on individual categories to obtain the info category by category)

Can we have a similar facility in this new version ?


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If you click on 'View All Categories' the ones with 'Sub Categories' have a + Sign, click on '+' for Subs.
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I am aware of that Baldric - I seek the all-in-one-go option as existed previously. If you clicked on the heading to the always-visible list of categories, they ALL opened up instantly - it meant a bit of scrolling to view but that's no problem. I found this very useful when not sure where to post (e.g. if the subject is Health - not obvious (to me) that it will be under Body and Soul )
Yes - I agree - it was useful to be able to eyeball all the sub-cats at once, made it easier to find one of the rarely used ones when needed.
Canary, I am with you on this one. I liked the way Categories were listed on the old site and wish they were brought back on the left hand side of screen.
I'm with Canary. I find that looking at Categories is very tedious and I'm finding that I spend less and less time on AB than I used to do.
Too much clicking and scrolling to navigate this present site. Pity really that it does become off-putting and is a discouragement to usage.


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Exposing All Sub-Categories

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