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vivandorron | 19:14 Tue 10th Apr 2012 | Site Suggestions
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It remains as my opinion that 'Best Answer' is an unnecessary facility within AB.

A strange attitude you may feel from someone who already has been awarded such an honour on a number of occasions.

I am not prepared to use the 'button' and am not seeking to be nominated as being in any way superior to other ABers.

All serious answers are worthy of applause and often there are more than one which warrant's commendation in a single thread. Consequently, I prefer to thank posters , both individually and/or collectively, as is appropriate to their responses, to any of my questions.



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Must admit ron i actually quite like it- i have nooooo idea why an like you i am greatfull for all (or most of) the help and advice i have in my answers xxx
If you dont like then don't use it. Surely?
I like it.
Having been the recipient (twice) of Best Answer, it has made my (rather sad) day
I've never used it. I don't really care if it's there or not.
It's a little pointless in some sections (CB, news R&S) where there are unlikely to be factual answers because the topic is generally a matter of opinion, it has more use in the more technical and factual areas of the site where best answer can be used to indicate the answer that solved the problem.
I think it's meant for 'correct' answers so that if someone searched the site, found a very similar question, then the 'best' answer is there for them to see.

It's not really for CB or the debating sections.
There, see :-)
Ummmm, what do you mean it's not really for CB.
Some of the most brilliant answers on AB can be found on CB. If it's not meant for CB, why is it there?
I like is nice to show that you appreciate a prompt helpful response...Ron ??..hee hee..
Dunno. How easy is it to take it out of some sections and not others?
there's a lot of difference between a correct answer and a brilliant one on CB (presumably humour is involved). I don't use it much Ron but live and let live and all that.
Although I agree it should stay in CB. People who search the site rarely get taken to CB though. If they're being specific, that is.
Quite often on CB serious questions are asked, not just the banal and the humerous
I like it. I was really pleased when someone awarded my reply 'Best Answer'.

Maybe Mrs O and I should get together and form a Sad Old Bats (SOBs for short) club.
kiki, what about BATs (Best Answer Totty) lol
I like best answer, sometimes its unclear whether someone's question has been answered sufficiently, if you click on the question and you see the best answer has been selected then you dont waste our time offering a suggestion
I know MrsO...that's why it should stay. As a general rule the serious questions should have probably gone in another cat.
COWs - Clever Old Women. No, let's drop this one please, Mrs O.
OLD? I'm nobbut a spring chicken!
Course you are, chuck. Now then, where do you want me to leave your steradent and tena lady pads. Same place as usual?

(Sorry, red wine makes me EVIL!)

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