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Oops He Will Be Sorry

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rowanwitch | 10:07 Tue 21st May 2024 | Twitching & Birdwatching
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New tenant local sheltered bungalow.... Pigeon loft in garden..  Local birds include pair of sparrowhawks, pair of hobbys, and a frequent visiting peregrine.  The local feral pigeon population has plummeted,  so I guess his birdies will be on the dessert menu.



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I hope he doesn't put bait out to kill the wild birds.

Sandy, is that not illegal?


It is but it doesn't stop people, gamekeepers in particular, from doing it.

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I hope  he doesn't but people are so obsessive about their pets.   

It's unfortunate that pigeons are sitting targets for predatory birds. They land somewhere - a roof, a fence - and it's easy for a hawk to take them. I've seen a sparrowhawk take a pigeon, and it was quick and - I hope for the pigeon - painless, but it can be distressing for a pigeon-loft owner.

Very environmentally friendly of him to feed the raptors like that.

I'll worry about the pigeons when my car stays clean after washing.

Until then it's retribution.

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I am definitely team raptor!

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Oops He Will Be Sorry

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