Sudden Absence Of Garden Birds

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Chipchopper | 10:39 Tue 15th Oct 2019 | Twitching & Birdwatching
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Up until now my bird feeders have been popular with a good range of birds but today they are conspicuous by their absence.
on the odd occasion, I seen high flying, large birds (2) circling above a nearby field, going mostly by the wing shape, they appear to me to be Hen Harriers (sorry no photo's) I wonder if it was those, scaring the other birds away ?.
I'm sure the regular birds will soon return.


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We get high flying buzzards which dont bother the little birds too much. The low flying red kites spook them though. If there is a notable absence its normally due to the resident sparrow hawk.

We've noticed though that there are long periods when the feeders are quiet and then all of a sudden it goes mental!

They'll be back.
I very much doubt the birds of prey will be hen harriers, unless you live on the moors.
As barmaid said, it'll probably be a sparrowhawk lurking somewhere. Otherwise, your birds could have moved on to pastures new. A lot of birds that we see are migratory and they could have moved to warmer climes.
I've had this several times. I just look round at my TV aerial. Normally, find a Sparrow Hawk perched there considering whats available for dinner.

Once the hawks gone bedlam returns ☺☺☺
I thought with the weather as it has been my suet balls would have been riddled with starlings and sparrows but i've not seen a sole in a couple of days.

They are popping by as there are peck marks on the suet but it's very quiet.
I had not seen my blackbirds for a few weeks buy I heard them calling this morning, the robins are always around somewhere
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Sure as eggs are eggs, the regular birds are back and no signs of birds of prey to be seen either, but hey, they all have to eat!.

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Sudden Absence Of Garden Birds

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