Signs Of Spring

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Tilly2 | 10:17 Tue 08th Jan 2019 | Twitching & Birdwatching
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The blackbird wars have started in the garden, the bluetits are investigating the nest boxes, the starlings are gathering nesting material and the robin is singing a particularly beautiful song. Yesterday, we saw a pair of kestrels flying low over the fields. seeing one is a bonus. Seeing two is a real treat.

Spring is on its way, according to the birds.


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There was a black cat lying in the shadows of a gate post .
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Shoo it away!
According to the hedgerows too. Some of those are in bud.
Shoo fly don’t bother me .
I fear spring is longer away than we expect.
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Yes, Naomi, the hedgerows too. Heartening, isn't it? Especially on a day like this when the sun is shining and the sky is blue.
I love it, Tilly.
Same here Tilly (Derbyshire) but it's very early. The blackbirds are fighting, I've a pair of robins, collared doves, wood pigeons, squirrels(!) to mention a few and they're all in a feeding frenzy.
The blackbirds and some other very sweet birds have been singing all night everynight for the past couple of weeks, it's crazy (got a stinking cold/cough so I haven't been sleeping).
I'm hoping it's going to be a long courtship, if they start too early and we have a cold snap it'll be a shame for any early chicks.
There are two really fat pigeons who live in a tree that overlooks my garden. I put out a hobnob for them but they didn't want it. A squirrel took it in the end.
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Hello, Robinia. Nice to see you again. :-) Sorry about the cold. Take care.

Some years nature does get caught out. Let's hope that this is not one of those years.

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Spath, I am just going by what I see happening. I know that Spring is a way off yet but the early signs are there.
We have two doves who sit on our farm gate. We call them Bill and Coo.
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...and you should have crumbled the Hobnob.
Thanks Tilly. Ever since the change of format on here I forget about the sub categories.
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It could be Bill and Ben, Naomi. :-)
Definitely heterosexual, Tilly. ;o)
i did break the hobnob up but i could have turned it into crumbs to be fair, the pieces were still rather large.

The birds near me haven't gotten use to me yet, i don't feed them often enough!
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You'll have to come up with some names for the little 'uns then Naomi, when they arrive.

Spath, get out there with some food, unless you have a horrible, hunting cat.
The wood pigeons around here have fattened themselves on the ivy berries and are now eating grass shoots, it amazes me how they can still fly.
It makes me wonder if they know something we don't.
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Anyway, off out into the sunshine to see what I can see.

Thanks for the responses. x

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Signs Of Spring

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