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Damn Cats...

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kitkat2 | 21:50 Wed 03rd Jun 2015 | Twitching & Birdwatching
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Am really fed up with all the local cats in our area. There have been four sets of new neighbours in the last six months and each one of them has a pet cat!! That's too many to add to the existing furry critters. If the blue tits survive even leaving their box, I will be very surprised, as two cats are vying for position along the very branch that is (unfortunately) adjacent to the box.

Have tried every deterrent possible to rid our garden of the feline monsters who not only terrorise our birdlife, but also leave very nasty calling cards in the borders or on the lawn. Why can't they use their own very substantial gardens.??

I really fear for the bird life in our neighbourhood. I am so worried our feathered friends are going to disappear.

How does anyone else cope with moggies whose numbers keep multiplying?? Am at my wit's end......


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A well directed hose - at every possible opportunity.

Prickle strips on fence tops & even on tree branches near nests.
... or borrow a dog and 'encourage' it to chase the feline murderers.
Get a Dog kitkat
All cats should have to wear a bell - weighing at least as much as the cat itself ...
I use Roar which is real lion dung in pellets sprinkled round the garden. One whiff of it and all the local foxes and moggies seem to think Crikey who lives here ? Someone mahussive. I'm off.

And they don't come back.
I have problems with squirrels in our garden, at least 4 of them raiding the bird's nests... and this year we have a pair of magpies nesting in the garden... creating havoc with for the small birds :o(
Yes get a dog.........A Jack Russel terrier would be a good choice.
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Sunny-dave - I like your answer regarding prickle sticks. Please can you advise me what they are and where I can get hold of some. I do have my own version in the form of some really sharp berberis, but haven't quite fathomed how to "sew them together" to make a ring to put around the tree trunk, yet!! It's by far the best natural deterrent, but it's savage stuff to deal with!!! :o)
Would that be the same cat that sneaks into our house if we leave the doors open in the summer, shitz on my seedlings and kills the baby birds? Get a cat trap and wait for the missing cat notices in the local newsagent, that way you can find out who to send the bill to.
There are lots of sorts - these look quite good - no idea if the price is competitive User Recommendation
Ouch. I'd hate to tread on one of those in my wellies!
Water pistol
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Some great replies here - thank you everybody!!

Have tried Roar, but all the cats round here think they ARE lions!! It hasn't worked. The latest visitor does have a bell round it's neck, but I think it needs the cartoon version to prevent it from climbing trees! I think I might invest in one of those kid's water guns - much more fun!! Will have to keep it loaded!!

Thanks for the link to the prickle strips - think I've seen these at our local garden centre. Will investigate....
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If any more replies come in after this, I will catch up tomorrow. Off to the land of nod to dream up some fiendish ideas....

Thanks to everyone, so far.
We have 2 Yorkshire Terriers and I actively encourage them to chase/hate cats. They must act as a deterrent, as there are cats in our area and I very rarely see a cat in our garden. On the odd occasion that I do see one, I call the dogs and they're out of the cat flap in a flash .... the cat soon disappears over the fence and I know it'll be a while before that cat thinks of coming back in my garden :P
My dogs keep cats away too, but be careful about encouraging dogs to chase cats, one time one of mine caught one and he ended up at the vets with infected bites and scratches all over his head and neck, one very near an eye.
This advice, from the Royal Horticultural Society, might help:

However predation is essential to the evolutionary development of species and most garden bird are present in sufficient numbers to cope with it. (My 5 cats probably kill around a hundred birds a year between them but the dawn chorus is still ruddy noisy around here!)
don't even joke clyde ,my sister's cat was shot for fun with a bb gun and died at the vet's!
ok sorry i apologise.

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Damn Cats...

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