Lonely Little Robin

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chi-chi66 | 11:54 Thu 16th Feb 2012 | Twitching & Birdwatching
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Iv'e watched birds in my garden for a few years now, why do none of the other birds let the robin feed alongside. Sparrows, blackbirds male and female.
I have made a seperate feeding place which usually the robin finds, i know they don't feed from feeders only on flat surfaces, sometimes
a tit will find it. I'm like a mother seperating warring kids!


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Because robins are such aggressive little brats
The robin isn't lonely - they are very territorial.
yes that ^^^
I am afraid you are attributing human emotions to a wild creature.
they are groundfeeders by preference but will use birdtables and can use seed feeders if they have large enough perching bars... they will avoid the bigger noisier birds though possibly because noisy activity can attract predators
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thanks for you're answers

Sue, yes you're probably right, it just looks as though its the one being
bullied. I must toughen up!!!
SMR - humans aggressive and territorial? - where? - when?
I often see robins and bluetits eating together. Love these little birds. Good on you chi-chi for looking out for them.
Robins like to feed on a flat surface and prefer different food to the others. I leave some dried fruit, porridge oats ans a little bit of grated cheese on a plate for them away from the seed and nut feeders. They find it sometimes, but are not that bothered to be honest.

To cool for handouts I reckon!

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Lonely Little Robin

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