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Which pet insurance do you use?

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trt | 14:12 Thu 17th Mar 2011 | Animals & Nature
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Ive been looking on go-compare to see what is the best offer and there are plenty but, has anybody had any problems with insurance company's not wanting to pay out for operations and treatment?.

I don't want to spend a fortune as I'm only on a pension but I want my pup to have a good and healthy life after what she went through in the first 6 weeks of her life.


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I'm with Petplan and have been for years. The advantage to me of Petplan is that they cover long term conditions, for life. Rover has kidney disease so will be on medication for the rest of his days, and I can claim for his treatment for as long as he lives. Some pet insurance only covers for 12 months.
The other two cats are also covered - their treatment costs barely reach the level of excess, but as they get older, I think it's money well spent. My guys are 8, 11 and 12, and I pay something over £150 per cat p.a.
Good point also re the vet - the one I was at before used to have a monthly subscription so you got all your jabs and check-ups "free", and 10% off treatments,
I use customizable pet health insurance. I use it because I found it to be right for my pets. Everyone should choose the right pet insurance policy that best meets their requirements and compare each insurance policy. There are four types of pet insurance available:

1. Traditional health insurance
2. Customizable health insurance
3. Accident-only pet health insurance
4. Discount pet health insurance plans

Learn more about pet insurance here:

We have our pets covered with Sainsbury's pet Insurance & are very happy with them. At the moment if you take it out on line you will save 1/3rd. Ron.
how do i change my dogs pet insurance to cover her illness
how do i change my dogs pet insurance to cover her illness
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Which pet insurance do you use?

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