The Loyalty of Animals.

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Jemisa | 22:24 Wed 16th Mar 2011 | Animals & Nature
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Dramatic Japanese Footage. Made me cry.



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She wasn't going to leave her injured friend, One of the saddest things I've seen. (sniff)

Amazing how an animal can express the suffering that is happening in Japan right now. I hope the people who posted those sick jokes can see this.
That is so sad : (
I didn't watch it - the whole situation in Japan is overwhelmingly difficult to comprehend. Everybody (furries included) looks so lost and confused It must be a horrendous situation to be in - and it may take them years to get back to 'normal'.

Was there a sad or happy ending for the dogs?
oh that's so sad, cried buckets!

Ya know, ive watched quite a few news footages of Japans victims, and whilst they're all sad, none upset me the way this one did.
I don't think I can bring myself to watch it. I don't want to get upset.
Hts all us dog lovers in the pit of the stomach. Mine sits by my daughter's bed when she is away as he cannot sit by her.
It actually annoys me when people say "they're just 'like' family" - they ARE family.

My two ungrateful, spiteful and spoiled cats are my 'babies' and they are my family.

As BOO says - it seems worse with the animals. There will always be somebody who will take of the human victims of such a tragedy but sometimes the non-humans get missed out.
The greatest insult you can give to a dog is "they are almost human" They are not, they are far superior in so many respects!!
thought about those dogs all day- how bloody daft am i?

I wonder if they got help of any kind? I really really hope so.
Oh Jem, that was so very touching.....that would make all but the hardest of hearts 'well up' sad, yet so humbling....dont you just love animals ? They put us humans to shame most of the time with their unconditional love.

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The Loyalty of Animals.

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