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fussy cat

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wvaleriechas | 00:37 Fri 26th Nov 2004 | Animals & Nature
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I have had my rescue cat for over a year & the only thing he will eat is pink salmon. My vet says he will eat other things if he is hungry but he  only vomits if I give him anything else. Besides costing a fortune to feed I am concerned that he is not getting the range of vitimins he needs for good health, He looks fantastic, his coat is likr silk with all the fish oils. Does anyone have any ideas I might try?. Thanks in anticipation.....     Spinner.


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Me thinks kitty has you wrapped around its little paw. My cat used to this and I refused to give in after a while because he was stubborn and wouldn't eat. After a week he was so hungry he had to eat what I was giving him.   They tend to take advantage - simular to children, once they know how to get what they want they will keep trying for it.
I am pretty sure he didn't get fed salmon when he was at the rescue centre etc...

It's not a great idea to feed a cat exclusively on fish, it can lead to the development of an excess of vitamin A in the cats body. This in turn can cause an overgrowth of bony outgrowths in the neck vertebrae & the front legs...the first symptoms are stiffness & pain.

I's very important that you try to introduce a more balanced diet, before it causes problems for him. He probably won't cooperate, but like Greedyfly says, he'll give in eventually....your cat isn't daft!!!

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Thankyou to all for the sensible informative advice. I will certainly take it on board especially the vitamin deficiency risk. Watch this space........ Spinner.

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fussy cat

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