Fussy Pussy.

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MynameisLuca | 23:54 Fri 16th Apr 2021 | Animals & Nature
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My cat will only eat Wiskeas, chicken flavor, I can't it anywhere recently. Is your cat a fussy eater? What do you do when you can get their favorite food?


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Fussy Pussy.

Nothing worse, Luca ;-)
My cat is quite fussy. I indulged her fussiness a bit too much in the beginning, I think.

Have you tried Amazon for your pet’s favourite?
Cats favourites seem to change all of the time in my experience.
Countless people on here have said that their cats like Go-Cat Tender & Crunchy. My three certainly do. They have it alongside 'pouch' wet food but often go to the Tender & Crunchy first. It's cheap too, so it won't cost much to find out if your cat likes it as well. Some shops, such as Tesco and Morrison's, sell it at about £3 to £3.20 for a big 800g bag some of the time but then keep reducing it, as 'special offers' to around £2. However Asda and B&M stick to the £2 price all the time. (Wilko currently have it on offer at £1.75, down from £3.00)

As I've mentioned, my cats get 'pouches' too, with Whiskas fish selection being one of their favourites. However I find that they will accept supermarket own-brand pouches too.
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I have heaps of other food varieties but she'll just walk away from them. She loves Dreamies but I only give them sparingly.
She'll eat when she's hungry
Supermarket own brand pouches Chris?

Cats in this house have been so spoilt and fussy that they wouldn't even lower themselves to sniff such an abomination.
Mia is a fusspot..lately it has been Felix soup for her and chicken breast....she licks all the gravy off all the poches/tins and leaves the meaty bits... oh dreamies and whiskas biccies are acceptable.she drinks plenty water though...
If there's now't else on offer then she'll eventually see whatever you're putting down for her as being better than going hungry. She may even eventually decide it's a new favourite given enough times getting used to it.
My two would only eat Felix AGAIL pouches. They turned their noses up at Wiskas and all other wet food. Crunchies were hit and miss and they liked one variety one week and didn't like it the next. Dreamless were a treat as were the crunchy toppings.

What other brands have you tried with puss?
My fussy *** like Felix but will eat Co-op own brand in jelly.
None of our five will eat Whiskas but apart from that they eat most others. They mainly have Science Plan or Royal Canin dried food with various makes of pouches twice a week. Water always available, of course.
I used to give my neighbour's cat Felix. One time the store was out of Felix so I got a couple of pouches of Whiskas - took one sniff & wouldn't touch it.

He used to enter the flats after his night out when the postman came & rattle my letter box until I let him in.
Toby, as a former street cat, eats anything...except boiled egg! I used fresh cooked chicken for awhile to tempt him out of hiding. Cleo, who only ate Whiskas chicken and Burgess dry when I got her, won't touch the fresh. I gradually got her eating more variety as Whiskas just chicken was hard to find. Now both like Felix AGAIL and GoCat.
Amazon is getting incredibly expensive for cat food...the lowest prices being via Morrisons on there.
I wonder if there is still a shortage?
When I was a youngster (1950s) we had a dog and a cat. The dog ate sheep's heads, the cat herring - both stank the kitchen out when cooking.

But that was before the pet food companies realised how easily they could make a mint by gulling the animal-loving Brits (and Yanks) into paying out a small fortune for their beloved little darlings.
Buying cat food is a nightmare. When I go the supermarket at the cat food aisle I see lots of folk wondering what to buy and throw away.

What they like today , they turn their nose up the following day.
Felix started doing a pick and mix selection last year. If you wanted to buy 120 sachets of the same flavour it was perfect.

Alas my little boy, Frankie, died before the box arrived. I think that he had it planned.

His late sister wasn't too fussed about food but he was a pain in the neck. Whatever was his favourite food today would be pure poisonous tomorrow.

Cats !!!!!! ♥♥

I had to laugh at your neighbour's cat. I knew a cat who refused to use the cat flap and would ring the doorbell to get into the house. They are not stupid!

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Fussy Pussy.

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