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B00 | 14:07 Mon 29th Dec 2008 | Animals & Nature
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That thinks this is the papers doing what they do best by trying to make a story where there really isnt one. 6/Prince-Edward-face-RSPCA-probe-lashing-dogs- stick.html

I personally hate hunting, shooting or any other killings the hooray henry's (or in this case Edwards) do for jollies, but that's not the issue i'm getting at here. Surely if he really intended to hit the dog he would have done, and you can bet your bottom dollar that there'd be a close up shot of him doing so?

Is this, as I suspect, a story purely intent on 'getting at the royals'?


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Ahhh, but I never said I wasn't weird MrK ;-)
This is certainly a 'streched' item to infer something which may or may not have happened.

It is possible that Edward waved his stick at the dogs to stop them fighting, or banged his stick on the ground to distract them.

The fact is, no-one really knows, and heavy hints are being dropped in the general area of cruelty.

Not a major leap for our Eddie - after all his dogs are fighting over the corpse of a defenceless bird which he has just shot, so it's not as if he can be called an animal lover in the accepted sense of the word is it?

It's the price you pay for leeching of tax payers and spending your free time shooting birds for fun, so he hasn't really got a leg to stand on here.

That said, if he didn't hit the dog, the media are wrong in trtying to infer that he did, and whip up the attendent furore among animal lovers.

Why not let's concentrate on the barbarity of what he DID do, which is shoot a load of pheasants for the fun of it - THAT we can be sure of.


In the Sunday Express (page 6) there is a photo of him bringing the stick down on the dogs shoulders/neck. There is no other dog in sight and no pheasant. The dog is already cowering. He certainly was not splitting up a dog fight (the dogs were not 'fighting' anyway they were having a tug of war with the pheasant).

So no, I don't think it is the media making up a story where there isn't one.

If an ordinary person did that to a dog in the street people would be outraged and the man would almost certainly be prosecuted.

I know what I would do if anyone did that to a dog in front of me!!!!! (and I would not be using the stick to hit him with!!).

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