Did Dogs Trust know something.....

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Postdog | 18:59 Sun 21st Dec 2008 | Animals & Nature
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I am a postman, and as you can imagine am quite busy at the moment. Last week I was working all night, and knew I wouldn't be able to get home to let my dogs out, so I asked my lodger to do it for me. This he did, but when I eventually got in Saturday, he told me he had accidentally shut Jack's leg in the door, and he was limping.

Now jack had a history of leg trouble, and apart from limping didn't seem in any pain, so I didn't take him to the vets. As the week has gone on though, he was walking better, but still not putting weight on the leg, so today being the only chance I would have, I took him to the vet (they are open for a while Sunday's).

Well, the bad news, it wasn't a sprain of any kind, but a break, and I had 3 choices - put down, leg amputated, or leg reset, the last 2 costing �800 to �1500. I don't have that money, and besides, Jack was 15 years old at least (I got him as a rescue and had him that long) so there really was no choice to make.

Jack was put down and I returned home all tearful and blubbery, and I immersed myself in doing some of the jobs I have been unable to get round to in the week, one of which was opening my post. Among that was a letter from the Dogs Trust telling me that the dog I sponsored, Sam, had died, and I had been allocated a new dog, Digby.

OK, I know you don't really sponsor a specific dog as such, but they enclosed a photo of Digby, and what do you know, he's a terrier the spitting image of Jack.

How weird is that!

PS, the lodger has been given his marching orders. I know he didn't do it on purpose, but the fact is I don't want him here now because of that - it's a bit sick that after all this time, I have to lose one of the best dogs I have ever had, because he shut the door on him too quickly.


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Postdog. I'm so sorry you have lost your dog. He did I'm sure have a long and happy life with you. R.I.P. little dog.
You gave the lodger his marching orders because he accidentally hurt your dog while trying to do you a favour?????????

Postdog....ur dog has had a dull & good life with you; now you have room for another less fortunate dog.

Pls dont be harsh on lodger...surely he didn't mean to hurt the dog.
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Yes, I agree it is a bit harsh to kick the lodger out just for that - he didn't mean it and I know that. However, he does have other "faults" and the point is, it was something of a catch 22 situation here. I only had a lodger to help pay the mortgage on a house I was only keeping on because I had dogs. Now I only have one, I can consider trading down to a flat - I haven't so much kicked him out as given him notice that this changes things, and it might be worth him checking out other accomodation options.
oh postdog, thats a really sad story. I am so sorry to hear about your doggy. its terribly sad when you lose a pet, i lost my cat in July he was 16 and I still get upset now.

we have been blessed with a new cat who has a very hard act to follow, but is warming to us and us to him.

god bless you and i hope you manage to have a lovely christmas even though I know you will feel a little sad.

take care jan xxx

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Did Dogs Trust know something.....

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