Does our dog deserve a medal?

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mattie | 18:40 Sun 21st Dec 2008 | Animals & Nature
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Our 1 year old Cairn, Alfie, started barking this morning, on investigation, it turned out that our elderly neighbour, who lives alone, had fallen in his house and couldn't get up.

He was banging on the floor, and this was what Alfie was barking at.

My mother in law (who was dog sitting last night) and another neighbour let themselves in and waited with him until his son turned up.


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Give him a great big kiss
Alfie - You're a Star, and you definitely deserve a great big medal. Hugs to Alfie.
Not sure he deserves a medal, as he was naturally barking at a noise, like most dogs would. Saying that, had he not been there, who knows what fate your neighbour would have met with.
Well done Alfie. I would contact your local paper, they love human interest stories like this, and any good publicity for dogs is worth having.
superb!!!!!!!!!! deserves a big bonio
Alfie deserves the best Christmas dinner ever, and a special present from Santa.
Try to get your neighbour to invest in a care alarm pendant, they really are life savers, just in case Alfie is not around to help.
Love and hugs to Alfie and good wishes to your neighbour.
Hooray for Alfie!

Could you please post a picture of him so we ABers can see a real hero?

Thanks :)

Well done Alfie :-D
Question Author
Ahh - he looks like my old pooch Rosie. Well done Alfie - yep, you need to get to the bucher and get him a juicy bone for his efforts.. ;-) x

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Does our dog deserve a medal?

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