Cats Behaviour After Moving House

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gallapunk | 20:43 Sun 21st Dec 2008 | Animals & Nature
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Moved house just over a month ago and kept my cats in for a month (I've been told lots of different things about how long to keep them in, but the vet said a month). Let them out today and they went absolutely scatty; I was very scared they would run off.

They were running all over the place with their fur all fluffed up and just being really erratic (the male was howling too). They seemed very excited (obviously), but also very scared. They did eventually let me take them back inside and it was as though they were relieved to be there; they haven't asked to go out again since.

I've moved house with them a few times in the last few years (hopefully this is the last time!) and they've never behaved like this before. Does anyone have any ideas why they might be like this? Should I keep them in another few weeks before trying again?

Would very much appreciate any advice/info.


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I wonder if there was some unseen threat to you but the cats could sense like another cat or dog in the area that upset them so. Maybe give it until after christmas when you will be more settled in the house as well, especially if you are having visitors popping in and out at the mo. Their usual routine is all upset and they are such creatures of habit. If you can be around them when they do venture out again maybe let them out near a feeding time so their tummies will bring them home. Hopefully they will settle and peace will reign again, hope you all have a lovely christmas in your new home............
perhaps there was cats / dogs in the house previously and the garden still has their scent..? or neibouring cats or foxes have claimed the garden as their own?
just take it slowly a little bit at a time and they should be ok. mine went mental the first few times i let them out, then one disappeared completely for 4 days!!! (but she came back fine, had just been exploring)
just a thought, was it windy when you let them out? my cats always go a bit loopy when the wind is strong and if yours had been in for a month and then let out into the wind, that might have freaked them out a bit...?
madaboutcats offers sound advice about letting your cats out near a meltime, they won;t stray far if they know food is due soon.

It may simply be the assault on their senses of new sounds and smells which are different from their previous outside experience. They will settle, give them time, and lots of cuddles when they come back in, so they know they are safe nd secure at home.
Could you get one of those cat harness things like a dog lead and let them explore the garden safely without them running away?
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Thanks so much for your responses, made me feel much better. I'd be distraught if one of them disappeared for 4 days - but so relieved when he/she came back!

I think you have a point about the wind, fraggle; it was windy. I'll keep them in another few weeks now and see how they get on then. At least they're not pestering to go out!

Thanks everyone again.
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Oh yes, and there is LOADS of wildlife in the garden - we're in the middle of nowhere - so that makes sense too.

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Cats Behaviour After Moving House

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