A sad day.

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mrs.chappie | 21:57 Tue 09th Dec 2008 | Animals & Nature
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Just wanted to tell all you good people on A & N, my lovely little budgie (Speedy) died today.

As a younger bird, he was like a budgie on speed - always zipping around the aviary, full of energy.

He was very old, I rescued him in 1997 or 1998, along with an aviary full of other birds, who have all passed away - he was the last survivor. I don't know how old he was when he came to us, so he has had a long life for a budgie.

As we left for work this morning, I knew he was on his way out - he was on the floor of the aviary, in the corner, barely breathing. When we got in this evening, he had gone. At least it was quick for him, which is a blessing.

RIP Speedy. [:o(


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Awww, sorry to hear that, Mrs. C (((hugs))) xx
awhh mrs.c.. that's sad. I'm sorry x
Awww bless his little heart, may he rest in peace.

I'm so sorry Mrs Chappie, losing a friends is just so so sad x
Awwww that is sad mrs.chappie , hugs sweetie xxxxx
So sorry Mrs. Chappie. He had a wonderfully long life, but he's flying free now. RIP Speedy.
ahh that is sad, RIP Speedy
Sorry to hear that mrs.chappie - he obviously had a good life with you to live so long. It is horrible to lose a friend no matter how small they are and budgies are such happy little souls, you miss their chatter when they're gone. At least he can't suffer now
I am sorry to hear about Speedy. I can vividly remember how upset I was when our budgie died and it was nearly 40 years ago.

Hope you are okay.
So sorry mrs.chappie, I know only too well what it is like to loose a pet. Speedy will be flying free now in blue skies. puss xx.
Bye Bye Speedio..

I shall watch out for you in Bird Heaven.. love from a Special Bird Watcher.. aka Ruby aka WeeThug... (who loves Budgies hehe)

Catch you later SpeedioMater ...
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Thank you all so much for your kind words. xxx
Big Hug to Mrs C {{{{{{{{{{hug}}}}}}}}}} xx
So sorry to hear about your little budgie mrs.chappie.

RIP Speedy. -x-
So sorry Mrs Chappie. The little fellow had a very good life with you. I love birds. x
sorry to hear your little man has gone to rainbow bridge he was well looked after and loved and a good age RIP little speedie
Sorry to hear your news mrs chappie. My gran always had budgies, they are lovely funny little birds
sorry to here about speedy mrs c , he must have had lots of love from you to live that long

:::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;
That puts him over 10 then.
A ripe old age for a budgie.
RIP Speedy.
So sorry to hear your sad news mrs.chappie.He must have had a good life with you to be of that age, like the abers have said he is now at peace at rainbow bridge.RIP Speedy
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Thank you all for posting. You are all very kind. x

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A sad day.

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