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Strange bird

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tatie | 20:20 Sun 05th Oct 2008 | Animals & Nature
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Today and this evening a strange bird has been observed running around my garden it is black with white underside and a longish yellow beak. Rather like a Magpie with much less white and quite a lot smaller somebody has suggested it may be a Mynah bird. who do I notify it seems to be in some distress is soaking wet and quite bedraggled. I live in Beccles Suffolk.


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have a look at the RSPB website there is a bird identifier on ther under

(birds and wildlife)

this may help
Is it an oystercatcher?

They are very common round Beccles
r u sure thats its natural colour? I mean it could be someones pet and the colour could be dye. Was the beak parrot shaped? could it speak?
I suspect this could be a parrot (maybe an african grey) with owners who want a bird to look mean so it gets respect in the neighborhood.

Hope this helps
Is Minsmere Bird Sanctuary
anywhere near you? I found it on this website. If you click on their link you can go directly to their webite, though it looks like they'll not reopen until 9am tomorrow. ction_list.asp?GetTLT=55&WithDisp=0

If your visitor is still looking particularly "unhappy" you could try the blue cross or an emergency vet perhaps.

Hope this helps
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Thank you for your advice, it isn't a Oyster Catcher and I'm not close to Minsmere though that site has been added to my favourites for any future needs that I might have regarding wild life. Unfortunately there is no sign of the bird this a.m though I do have a number of neighbours looking out for him and I do have a contact number who I'm told will come out and try to catch him should he appear again. RSPB from description given thinks it could indeed be a mynah bird, so lets hope we spot him again soon. many thanks
Minsmere is a reserve, not a sanctuary. Id be surprised if the RSPB could help you as their main concern is providing habitat to safeguard native birds.
RSPCA would be a better bet I think,

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Strange bird

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