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llizzydripp | 16:04 Thu 13th Apr 2006 | Animals & Nature
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i have a nine year old jack russell who is usually a very lively and happy dog however last week he was sick quite a lot and very lethargic. i thought it was a bug as he was much better in a couple of days. however this week it has happened again except he now has some diarrohea and he is shivering alot


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Hi llizzy i think its time for expensive vets unfortunately, sickness and diarrohea are very bad espesally in younger and older pets. You gave him time and he is not getting better, so for peace of mind i would visit the vets. Hope he's better soon. Honey xXx


Yeah get to the vets asap. May just need a simple course of tablets but go sooner rather than later.

My cat was the same. He eventually vomited up a feather! Take him to the vet...he may have swallowed something.

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