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Should My Mom Get A Second Cat?

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Cindy1302 | 21:01 Sun 02nd Jun 2024 | Animals & Nature
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I live with my mom. About a year ago we adopted a kitten. My mom has a dog, but he may not be around much longer as he's 12 years old. He's just really showing his age, while the cat will probably be around for another 15 years. We are just worried that after her dog passes away, the cat will be lonely. She already seems kind of lonely because she always wants to come in my room, and hangout with me. If we got another cat, they could play together, and get more exercise. Also, I think it just might be good for my moms current cat to have a companion. What do you think?



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You need to consider things like, what if the two cats didn't get along?

My dad used to have 4 cats and at first they all got along okay.  After a while, two of them hated each other's guts.  They both got on well with the rest of the cats ..... they just hated each other ..... hissing and snarling almost everytime they were both in the same room.

Something to consider?

Is your cat a neutered male or female? Introducing cats takes time, at least three weeks before they physically meet, and patience. They need to get used to each others smell. The best way to do this is to switch bedding, Feed them at the same time one in one room and one in the another. They need to smell each other on you and your mum. After about two weeks they can meet either side of a door.


Generally cats prefer to be solitary. 

Where two unrelated cats live in a house, they just about tolerate each other unless they downright go to war.

Sorry Hopkirk I have to disagree with you. At present I have 8 cats. 7 speyed females and 1 neutered male. 2 female sisters hang out together, their 3rd sister is with the neutered male sleeping from about 6am to early evening when they go to visit the horses and chill outdoors. The three non related oldies eat together and laze around the house. The new arrival turned up 2 months ago, part Siamese and pregnant but not feral. She was speyed and kept isolated for 3 weeks and now hangs out mostly with the dogs, eats with the other cats and joins whichever oldie is in the most comfortable and sunniest spot in the house. Every once in a while there might be  a hiss or growl if someone wants the same lap to sit on but nothing serious.

Does any woman actually need more than one pussy?

They all arrived by themselves!

It depends on the personality of the cat, whether the cat is indoor or outdoor, the age of the cat - there is no way of knowing how introducing a new cat will work out.

I got a brother and sister from the same litter.  The boy cat had a sweet nature but his sister bullied him and it took a long time to get them to get to the stage where they weren't fighting every day.

Your dog could live a few years yet.  The cat might not be lonely, it may just enjoy your company.


Calmck - I want to come and live in your house with all those cats lol!

Wolf, I sort of agree with what you're saying - I got 2 sisters from the same litter when they were 6 weeks old.  Whilst they don't hate each other they are very very different personality wise and look as tho they just put up with each other. 

My daughter acquired another cat after her one was lonely. The get on well and play together. So yes get another one. 

If she wishes to. We all, pets included, need to get used to change so, whatever she decides.

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Should My Mom Get A Second Cat?

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