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Is Chimpanzee Hyperactive ?

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Kennyat | 08:29 Sun 28th Jan 2024 | Animals & Nature
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Is chimpanzee hyperactive animal ?



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Chimps will have a normal level of activity which should not be judged by human standards. Any chimp whose activity level is above the chimp "normal" could be classed as hyperactive.

Can be.  They are wild animals so are very unpredictable but they each have their own characters.  There ae plenty of documentaries about chimps in the wild to watch.  They hunt in a gang to catch monkeys to eat, chasing them in the treetops so they have to be strong and fit.  


There's a Pixies song called Monkey Gone to Heavem (just sayin).



Or even Heaven.


This video is from a David Attenborough series that shocked many people who believed chimps were cute and cuddly.  There were lots of complaints to the BBC and in the press at the time, I think it was the first time this behaviour in chimps had been broadcast on tv.

Thinking about it, I won't post a link to the video but if you want to watch it, search for "Violent chimpanzee attack - Planet Earth - BBC wildlife" on YouTube.  It lasts under 5 minutes - turn the volume on for best effect

Niall (?) the chimp zoo keeper on "Secret Life of the Zoo" says an adult male chimp is 6 times stronger than an adult male human - that's awesome!

Hi Kennyat, and welcome to AB. 

and they can't swim!

(maybe they could but never got the chance to learn?)

did you know that if you add up all the positions of all the letters of "chimpanzee" it is 100? eg c=3 z=26 etc

This chimp could swim, apparently

My local zoo used to keep the chimps, orangs and gorillas behind a moat and they used to try to splash the visitors.  I don't think any swam across and it was too deep for paddling

-- answer removed --

That's pretty damn graphic even if you don't run the video. Should it remain ?

I believe the primatologist Jane Goodall was the first to observe and document the violence of chimpanzees...even killing of rival group members.

I've just seen and removed the post.

A link to the video, with suitable warnings, would be more appropriate.

I appreciate that with YouTube vids we don't necessarily know what the static image we be on AB and I know you posted a warning.

Stick to my online Scrabble, then!

Kennyat, could you please get your grammar correct? 

Chimpanzees are like Chimpanzees. If a human  behaved like one they'd hyperactive.

Chimpanzees are our closest cousins.   They are nasty little critters who kill other chimps for fun and have killed and maimed many humans.

They are just like us in many ways.

Bonobos are much more civilised.



//Bonobos are much more civilised.//

If only there was a bonobo version of humans.

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Is Chimpanzee Hyperactive ?

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