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Doggy Eating Furniture

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jennyjoan | 01:58 Thu 18th Aug 2022 | Animals & Nature
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Met an old lady friend of mine (90) but brilliant and her daughter who is a little down - has had some nervous breakdowns (daughter) in the local mall.

Daughter was saying she has now a little dog but is eating all of her furniture and has now started on her stair carpet - she just doesn't know what to do.

I have been so lucky with both my last dog Harvey and Maxie - the only thing they ever ate was food.

Like I wouldn't like any animal eating my furniture. Is there anything out there for this wee animal to stop him eating furniture.

I had to laugh - 90 year old's son has bought a new house and has told his mother he won't sleeping with her any more (in her house) - he is going to sleep in his new house. His poor 90 year old mother is devastated and wants a little dog. I can understand she would love company - only it didn't come into my head - perhaps a little kitten would do her as cats are far more independent as dogs. I will be visiting her within the next few weeks as promised and will mention that to her.

Any advice on the little dog eating furniture. She walks him every day and because this lady is depressed I would love the lady really enjoying the dog as I enjoy my Maxie. Except with my Maxie sometimes when I want a cuddle he suits himself and doesn't give me any particularly when I need them - wee beggar LOL


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It could be normal puppy behaviour but that seems excessive if what you say is the true extent so more likely Your dog is bored, stressed, or anxious.

Often they resort to some sort of compulsive or obsessive behavior like chewing or digging. These behaviors act as a relief valve for pent up stress and anxiety they're feeling.

As for your next question a 90 year old getting a puppy imo is a huge mistake. If she really wants a dog then perhaps an older dog that just wants company or an older cat as even kittens can be tiring.
My grandfather who had working dogs all his life vowed never to get another puppy after 75 as it was too exhausting
What would happen to the pet when the old lady dies? Would one of her children take it on? Certainly she shouldn’t get a pup or a kitten.
A kitten is a turbocharged wrecking machine. They look cuddly and innocent but they are really hard work. An older cat is maybe a better bet.

The dog will chew when its bored, its a bit like us biting our nails - it becomes a habit.

muzzle it - except at meal times? (I know nothing about dogs!)
// (I know nothing about dogs)//
Yep, I agree
I would hazard a guess and say that the dog's behaviour is caused by separation anxiety.
Toys and chews might help, hope so
Like Chipchopper, I see it as a probable anxiety problem. I'd suggest
(a) making sure that the dogs gets at least two one-hour walks every day ; and
(b) giving Pet Remedy a try in the house. (It's got plenty of fans here on AB and seems to help my stressed-out cat)

Like Wolf63, I'd suggest that the older lady gets an older cat. Wolfie's description of a kitten as "a turbocharged wrecking machine" is 100% accurate!

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Could I be correct in saying this - the little chewy dog is a year old - do you think he picks up his owner on being very depressed which she is.

She does walk him every day as shehas a park right next door to her house.
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Doggy Eating Furniture

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