Should I Call Animal Control On My Sister?

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Cindy1302 | 02:29 Mon 06th Sep 2021 | Animals & Nature
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My sister came to drop something off to my mother (where I live) and she brought her hyperactive dog. My mom was laying in her bed and at one point the dog jumped up on my moms bed. My sister gave him a light smack on be bum and said "get down". Should I call animal control or the non emergency number?


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Neither - your sister didn't hurt the dog. A light tap on his bum is acceptable behaviour.
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Troll alert.
There are similar ones on Disqus.
Nonsense questions keep people busy while someone has a laugh.
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No, how else do you teach a dog how to behave?
My dogs are always on my bed
Tut Tut all these derogatory remarks 'ridiculous question', silly question, calling someone a 'saddo' for asking a question. Not in the spirit of AB is it now lol!

Cindy, don't call anyone you will be wasting their valuable time. It is quite normal and not in the least bit cruel to lightly smack a dog on its bum if it does something its not supposed to. Though I would suggest teaching the dog a stern 'NO!' would be better.
Agreed, AuntPG - it's not in the spirit of The AnswerBank at all. Everyone please show more kindness regardless of whether you think a question is silly or not.
Damn savage - I would call the vet & have the mutt put down at once for such unruly behaviour!

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Should I Call Animal Control On My Sister?

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