Tawny Owl In Broad Daylight

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Chipchopper | 20:15 Wed 16th May 2018 | Animals & Nature
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I saw the owl fly through my garden a couple of times throughout te day;
Is this behavior unusual.
What might be the reason ?


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Maybe someone approached it's nest. I remember a barn where the farmer had put up a box for barn owls to nest and they flew out (in daylight) every time I went in there.
Large brood might mean it has to try hunting during the day, but disturbance is most likely
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It seems tawny's only have one brood of 2-3 eggs but if there is a lack of food available at night, then this might be the reason, its around in the day time.

Disturbance, might be a possibility, non native grey squirrels and ring necked parakeets are competing for similar nesting sites to tawny owls and woodpeckers.

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Tawny Owl In Broad Daylight

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