Mayflies And Lacewings

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ethandron | 18:21 Tue 15th May 2018 | Animals & Nature
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We're usually inundated with both of these lovely insects but this year the lacewings were almost totally missing, and the mayflies, although appearing occasionally at the moment, are nowhere near the numbers of past years.
Anyone noticed similar?


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We have got zillions of mozzies here.
Everything is three weeks late this year, eth. I've hardly seen any swifts, as yet.
I mentioned to co workers that the usual windscreen death was missing this year.
Plenty of swallow fodder about, ie flies and gnats but mayflies and lacewings zero so far.
fewer butterflies species too. I put it down, mostly to the cold winter.
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You're probably right, a colder than usual winter.
I think we had four lacewings this year and I doubt we'll get any more now. There were a few more mayflies yesterday but nothing like the usual numbers.
Thanks everyone.
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Spoke too soon!!
From about 3pm, once the breeze dropped, we've had literally hundreds of mayflies bouncing up and down, clouds of them. They really are beautiful.

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Mayflies And Lacewings

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