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wildwood | 18:49 Tue 27th Dec 2016 | Animals & Nature
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Not a Q so maybe this disappears soon.........

If you are planning to get a dog/cat soon, please wait until the rush of unwanted Christmas pets comes into the shelters. Although the usual after-Xmas rush has thankfully slowed down over the years, there are still far too many unplanned 'gifts' turning up early in the new year.

And I fear for the ones that are just dumped anywhere. Dumping pets is cruel, and no good for the native wildlife.


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Not sure where you are wildwood but we had a pre Christmas rush at the shelter I help out at!

It is never ending these days thanks mainly to the puppy farms
Puppy farms need to be eradicated. Nobody with a soul or any conscience would even consider running one. To them it is all about the money and no thought is given to the girl dog or her babies.

People should be allowed to adopt a dog or cat in the run up to Christmas but only allowed to pick up their new family member after new year. Deposit to made on their new friend and not returnable when they decide that they don't want it.

Well said, Wolf63
Couldn't agree more, wildwood. We are beginning to think about a companion dog, have to be specific in requirements due to tricky, existing dog.
The after-Xmas influx gives scope, but we are wanting an older dog. Quite often these are also 'surplus to requirement' when a younger member arrives for Xmas.
Good post wildwood x

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