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Ringlet | 07:58 Thu 03rd Sep 2015 | Animals & Nature
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I read somewhere that chestnuts (the conkers type) deter spiders. Does anyone know if this is true? Has anyone tried the spider deterrent sprays that are for sale, and do they work? I am over-run with the beasts this year.


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What about a glass and a piece of card slid under it when you've trapped the spider? Then take it out into the garden and release it.
maybe you should google spider eating pet
Regular disturbing of all nooks and crannies with a probing hoover attachment works for all creepy crawlies. It's a faff but it works.
I'm terrified of spiders so feel fairly up on the subject! I don't think conkers work, the spray maybe a little bit. Nothing is really effective but I do find ant powder round doors etc where it's OK to leave it does kill them. The vacuum is good too!
My 2 foot metal ruler teaches the little blighters not to darken my doorstep - mind it makes a mess of the carpet!
If you are going to live in a house, you are going to have spiders - there is no escaping the fact.

This time of the year you see more of them because males are looking for females to mate.

If you can ignore them, that's the easiest - they simply travel around the house, and if you leave them alone, they will avoid you if they can.

The notion that everyone swallows six spiders in their sleep is one of the original apocryphal myths spread at the very start of the internet. It has no basis in truth whatever - spiders like dry dark places, they would no more approach a human mouth which is breathing out moist air, than fly - much less get close enough to fall in.

So if you can co-exist with spiders, it is the easiest way - there is no way of getting rid of them completely, short of living in a sterile environment.
Have quite a few spiders in my house but "Sammy" who lives on the landing is the boss. Grandkids always look for him when they visit. He has various sons/daughters who are scooped up in a glass and put outside when spotted.
I would like to know if the anti spider sprays deter spiders from coming in or if it kills them, "if you wish to live and thrive let the spiders run alive" was an old saying I was bought up with and can't bring myself to hurt them, but don't want them indoors.
cecil - the problem is, certain breeds of spiders are house spiders, they breed and live indoors, and will not survive outside.

Those you will simply have to put up with - sorry.
The large house spiders terrify me and they are getting larger, but I just leave them alone and hope they don't come too near to me !
This is the time of year when the males are looking for females to mate with, don't spoil their fun, better to have a few clean spiders aboot the hoos than a lot of dirty flies, think of them as your friends
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Yes, that is exactly what I do when I find them, sandyroe, but I would like to deter them from coming into the house in the first place. i don't want to kill them, but I would like to change their minds about overwintering in my kitchen and living room - and cecil, you made me laugh there, I had forgotten about that wee rhyme. I think that is why I have reached the grand old age that I am - I try not to kill the spiders I meet, if at all possible. Ant powder might be a bit extreme, as it might harm them. The garden has hundreds this year, far more than I have seen in previous years. Must have been the wet summer that helped them to thrive. Thanks to everyone who answered.
Suck 'em up the hoover!
//Suck 'em up the hoover!//

Bad karma! and think what would be like suffocating to death in a Hoover- bag.
It's this time of year they begin to look for a mate. I have tried conkers but I still have giant British House Spiders. You need to be careful as they can bite. I put a shoe on once and there was a huge spider in the toe and it bit me. No lasting effects but the bite hurt
I love it that most of the replies are positive for spiders - great news - appreciate some people don't feel comfortable with them around however most find a way to deal with it without killing the beasties. 11 out of 10 Ringlet for asking for advice on how to deter rather than eliminate.
Me too, rsvp, I just tend to ignore them.
ummmmm the larger resident spiders in my house have names - I know I'm daft btw.
Oh no I cannot sleep if I know there is a spider in the house...I know for a fact they do walk over you at night and the thought of it makes me all hot and sweaty....I cannot hoover them up or put a glass over them ect as I cannot physically get that close...even down a long tube. yuck!!....But just dont know the answer of keeping them out...even closed windows and doors dont seem to work.... do they really come up the kitchen and bathroom pipes.?
lilacben; I'm really curious why people feel like this, does it extend to other insects? Can you remember if your mother felt similarly, it's real I know but irrational.

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