my pets again

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missmooncat | 23:59 Thu 25th Aug 2005 | Animals & Nature
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hi my  babies again just thinking why don`t we make a site with our pets, all of us on one site- any suggestions for names -The answer bank cuties maybe? I know i`m bonkers! 














my pets again 

Just thinking why dont we make a site of all our pets,just a suggestion all together on one site.


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Just read my post-bluddy ell i sound bonkers
Not at all missmooncat,think it's a great idea! I'd have to get some help,cos i'm not great with computers! I'm sure we all have great pics etc.The leading stars would of course have to be sabra,goucho and luger!Followed then by all our own gorgeous babies!
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yeah linda- Be good fun see everyones cuties, We all could do a site together on piczo,or some other free website.

yeh,i'm sure catwoman,fp,mycatis etc would be only too happy!
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the site my babies are on is afree one if we all want too do one let us know

Your link didn't work for me,but will try again later.

lindapinda if I can manage to post a pic of parker then anyone can,It took me 3weeks to suss it out,I'd love to see everyone elses pics.(are we all a bit mad?)

Ooh good idea, here are some of my pictures, if you lot are anything like me you have more photos than are decent of your pets, lol. -My kittens -Jigglypuff (Jiggy) -Tonka when a kitten -Talynn (grandma what big eyes you have!)
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Happy_face Marley is adorable.Mycatis beautiful babies.I know what you mean I must have loads pics of my babies - love `em to bits

I love looking at everyones pet pictures. All the pics of my 4 little puddies are on my husbands computer so I have never posted pictures.

If you do set up a seperate site. Can my cats join the club?

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Cherry of course,look at my site  im not trying to show off by keep  putting link up ,but it be good if we all put pics of our cuties on a site. any ideas for name of site?

marley is gorgeous

so is jiggy mycatis,

and I never tire of looking at your little pack missmooncat,

Here's Fly

So we haven't thought of any names for the site yet? I suspect Pets-R-Us would be breaking some copyright thingy. will try and think of something. Everyones babies are adorable. love your site missmooncat.

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my pets again

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