Is My Cat On Heat?

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gordie1 | 19:40 Wed 16th Jan 2013 | Animals & Nature
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Hi I think my cat may be on heat she is 9 months old an indoor tabby and the last 2 nights has been miaowing constantly shes got food and water and clean litter. She has been crawling around on the floor on her stomach and constantly licking her genital area and rubbing herself against everything and it is like she is calling out instead of miawoing. If this is the case it is a shame to go through all that as she will always be an indoor cat. I will get her neutered. She is also overly affectionate at the moment which is lovely. But one thing that worries me is when I pick her up she miaows and her whole face twitches quite a lot I thought it might be flu but she has been vaccinated. Does this sound like she is on heat for the first time?


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Yep, very much so.

The good news is, she'll be like that every few weeks too, aint you the lucky one? LOL

Save yourself the grief, get her spayed sooner rather than later, her yowling will only be endearing for so long!
I think your cat is very much on heat and it would be best to have her spayed if you don't want her to have kittens. Get advice from the vet .
What we females have to put up with !!
yes..get her done..
shes an indoor cat roopower, still, so was mine and I had mine done after she had her first season. Her yowling was that loud I had to shut her upstairs!
Yep, you could get her speyed any time from six months onwards - do it a.s.a.p., speak to your vet.
she will come on heat about every fortnight till she gets a male
yes....get her done or it will do your head in. singing for 2 weeks at 5am tests even the most devoted slave......! x
Have her done for her own sake, she won't want to go through that every time and neither will you. Then there is always the chance someone could leave a door or window open and she gets out and finds a mate. Not worth the grief.
Like I said, I had mine done following her first season.

She's a maine coon, so due to her size you can possibly imagine how loud her yowling was, in was unbelievable, certainly wasn't prepared to put up with that every few weeks, and not only that it scared the bejesus out of the dog!

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Is My Cat On Heat?

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